The Dream Club

Join our community of loyal monthly donors bringing education to children in need.

A brighter tomorrow begins with a Dream.

At eleven-years-old, we created our first charity: Charitable Crusaders. Nine years later, we’re grateful for the role education has played in our success and how it continuously enables us to reach our Dreams. Now, as Dream: Success, we’re focused on affording others the same opportunity to learn and grow around the world.

The Perks of Joining The Dream Club

Write Good Stories

You are the one. You are the Dreamer that’s wanting to change everything for bright children across the globe. The even better news is you aren’t the only one. By giving every month, you’re writing success stories alongside children you will likely never meet and you will empower them in ways you will never forget. So, what are you doing? Start writing.

A Present Every Month

As a valued member of The Dream Club, you’ll receive exclusive perks. From your Dream: Yearbook to your Dream: Calendar, you’ll get lots of one-of-a-kind surprises and goodies!

You can expect to see pictures and stories from the field, including the work you’ve accomplished, the lives you’ve touched, and our Dreams for the upcoming year.

The Power of Community

When you give education, you join a community of like-minded givers that truly value human connection. You engage with The Dream Club, an inclusive group where you will be inspired to be vulnerable students and empower one another to reach your individual potential. We believe learning never stops and we invite you to embrace one another in the pursuit of growth.

Frequently Awesome Questions

What is the Dream: Club?

The Dream Club is our community of Dreamers dedicated to maximizing their impact by making recurring monthly donations. These contributions allow us to consistently fund educational projects in developing countries and continue our commitment to untapping human potential.

How do I join The Dream Club?

Signing up to give monthly and maximizing your impact is easy, simply click here!

Why give monthly?

By committing to making a monthly donation, you can provide recurring support and sustainability to our local partners and the communities they so proudly serve. Over time, you will extend your reach and improve children’s access to invaluable educational resources.

What’s the education crisis?

258 million youth around the world do not have access to education. These children lack access to the resources they need to be successful, so they are trapped in their circumstances: constantly battling health issues, poverty, inequality, and so much more. 

This is a crisis that’s not talked about enough and we are on a mission to end it.

We believe every child deserves access to education and the opportunity it brings. Education changes everything. When we dare to challenge this crisis together and give education, we promote gender equality, economic development, and social change.

What is Dream: Success?

Dream: Success is a nonprofit bringing opportunity to the developing world and unleashing human potential through the power of education.

Is Dream: Success a 501(c)(3)?

Yes. Charitable Crusaders Inc. DBA Dream: Success is a Texas nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.